July 28 2015

Studs? Perhaps in the fighting armour of ancient Roman soldiers or in the black-leather getup of biker dudes, but on vases? Not likely.
And yet, here we are, head over gladiator-sandalled heals in love with not just vases with studs, but white Carrara MARBLE vases with glimmering golden studs!

Alone each vase and bookend is a conversation piece; as a grouping, they make a truly sunning statement.
Protruding brass spikes, individually drilled into the white Carrara marble in geometrical precision, make the vases appear both elegant and a bit threatening.

Display an arrangement of a few white or black roses or white calla lilies in them, and you’ll evoke an entire dramatic story.

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June 14 2015

Synonymous with classical beauty and timeless style, marble has been the epitome of luxurious sophistication for millennia. Reinventing this ancient material for the modern lifestyle, the world’s first real marble smartphone case.

Available in Black Marquina or White Carrara, and featuring a slice of marble as thin as a credit card, the CLIC Marble iPhone case offers the perfect balance between elegance, strength and durability.

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April 26 2015

This elegant set of modern cutlery represents an incredible balance of tradition, style, luxury and practicality. Today’s heirloom without the stuffy grandmotherly undertones. Perfect as a wedding gift. Or a splurge for yourself when you know that you will want just one set of “better” cutlery to add a sense of occasion to any mealtime.

A modern, minimalist masterpiece that also happens to be factory made and even machine washable. No polishing, no fuss.

Designed and manufactured in Portugal, the pieces are light-weight but still have a substantial feel. They are elegant, not dainty. Traditional but not dated.
This stunning 24 piece cutlery set with sleek resin handles contains six knives, six forks, six spoons & six tea spoons made of stainless steel with a chic white matt gold finish.

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November 29 2014

Staircase in Hotel de Seze in Paris

Sales Pavilion in Ningbo, China by the One House.

Mirrored Cafe in Gifu, Japan by Band Design

Grotto Private Sauna in Toronto, Canada

Château de la Resle is a hotel is located in Montigny-la-Resle, France

Hotel Villa in Honegg in Switzerland

Pocket Watches



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November 14 2014

You don’t really need a reminder but here it is anyway: Absolutely everything can be made either beautifully or not. Just like serious fly fishers appreciate the beauty of a hand-tied fly, so do darts players value a set of stunning darts and dartboard.

Even if you don’t play, you’d want to have these to decorate your office or deck. And if you do play, you already know that there is no such thing as too many sets in your collection.

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June 3 2014

Photographer - Eric Johansson

This is not a photograph - It's hand drawn with a pen by CJ Hendry for her upcoming IT Bag exhibition.

Flower paintings by Thomas Darnell

Marcel Marongiu designed pool - Mexico

An infinity pool forms the roof of this house designed as a concept by Athens studio Kois Associated Architects for the Greek island of Tinos.

Trou Normand Opens in San Francisco

Aman Canal Grande Hotel, Venice

Road to Como, Italy

Floral Installations by Rebecca Louise Law

Tree Trunk Kitchen by Werkhaus

A House in the Trees

Giusti Gardens, Verona, Italy

HALL Winery's new Winery & Tasting Room in Napa Valley designed by Signum Architecture.

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December 17 2013

1. Marble Hooks - 2. Metallic Pig Moneyboxes - 3. Tom Dixon New Large 3 Wick Candle - 4. Wow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

New iPhone5 Cases exclusive to TCH

1. Polished Steel Watch - 2. Passport Wallet - 3. Red Wine Glass - 4. Rose Gold Head Phones

1. Linen Totel Bag - 2. Tom Dixon Cutting Board - 3. Candy Vases - 4. Koo Koo Letter box

1. Lee Broom Lamp - 2.Tom Dixon Candles - 3.Francoise Nielly Artwork - 4. Luxury Dog Bed

Summer Beach Towels

There's a lot more goodies from our Sydney store at No.1 Martin Place which is not available online. (Above images have been taken via instagram from our readers) - Hashtag #tchsummerlovers to win a 3 night stay for 2 on Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island

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November 12 2013

Even the most minimalist and monochromatic of environments needs a drop of colour to anchor the restrained surroundings. This is especially true in the kitchen, the place where we often spend more time than in the living or dining room that seem to get all the attention.

So we call in Tom Dixon and his Fluoro Orange – the deliciously sleek fluorescent shade of carrot. Dixon uses this shade in many accessories but we have our eyes set on the wooden Tower Pepper and Salt Grinders.

These punctuation marks for the kitchen – and for the dining room table - are substantial yet functional. The taller one, the pepper grinder, is 36 centimeters (14.2. inches) tall and happily takes the role of a center piece in any setting. Buy here.

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July 3 2013

Now that nobody prints hard-copy photos any more, Hamburg-based Twinkind would like to create a Little 3D You instead. A realistic, little you. Or your pet, or Mum.

A visit to their pop-up studio for a quick scan and then, after some technological wizardry that involves 3D printing and other newly developed techniques, you will be the owner of a little photorealistic sculpture anywhere from 15 to 35 centimeters (6 to 14 inches) tall and made of polymer plaster powder.
What makes Twinkind’s offering different from the other 3D printed sculptures currently available, is the speed of the initial scanning.

It used to take a long time (20 minutes in some cases) of standing (or sitting or whatever) very still to produce the detailed data needed for a realistic sculpture.
With Twinkind’s process, the scanning will take only a split second. And therefore, they can alter the results and rescan till you are happy with the image, and they can scan pets and kids and other objects that are not going to sit still for long. Prices, apparently, start from 225€ for the tiniest figurines.

Twinkind’s founders, Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel, are experienced creatives. Neurohr is the co-owner of creative agency Lux von Morgen whereas Schaedel’s has developed commercials for international clients including Audi, Fiat and Panasonic. - Tuija Seipell.

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